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Dr Christopher Etheridge PhD, MCPP



MRSC, BSc (Hons) Phyto, BSc (Hons) Chem, CChem, DoIC, ARCS



About Chris Etheridge


Dr Chris Etheridge PhD is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist; he is not an oncologist or orthodox medical doctor.


Highly qualified and experienced Integrated Health Specialist, providing information on cancer, new research and therapies, and integrated therapies for all types of cancer.


Consultations are available via Phone, Skype or Zoom: face-to-face consultations are unfortunately not possible due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.


A full written report is included in the consultation fee, with in-depth nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for supporting health during conventional treatments, and research and information on new treatments - all tailored to the individual patientís needs.


To book a consultation with Chris Etheridge, please email him here or phone 07779 414099.


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